The Scottish Rite Virtual Cinematic Reunion A Complete Success!

The above photo shows the “Watch Party” held at the Valley of St Joseph on January 9th.  The theater size screen was a recent donation from an anonymous donor.  The screen size 30 ft. X 15 ft. will be used for local organizations as well as for the fraternity.

Congratulations to all our new Scottish Rite Masons at the Valley of St Joseph!

Marvin Adkins, Temperance Lodge No.438
John L Cochran, Liberty Lodge No.31
Michael Coppoc, Mt Washington Lodge No.614
Garron Daniels, Brotherhood Lodge No. 269
Doug W Davis, Lincoln Lodge No.139
Ryan Gerster, St Joseph Lodge No.78
Bruce Gollnick, Gower Lodge No. 397
David W Gomel, Fairfax Lodge No.483
Jarod T Graves, Fairfax Lodge No.483
Jerome Harris, Brotherhood Lodge No.269
Murry Houghtaling, Temperance Lodge No.438
Robert A McDowell, Savannah Lodge No.71
Mark A Morris, St Joseph Lodge No.78
Clayton N Runnels, Continental Lodge No.37

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