Lodge of Perfection

Ineffable Degrees

NumberDegree NameNumberDegree Name
4Secret Master10Elu of the Fifteen
5Perfect Master11Elu of the Twelve
6Intimate Secretary12Master Architect
7Provost & Judge13Royal Arch of Solomon
8Intendant of the Building14Perfect Elu
9Elu of the Nine

The work of the Scottish Rite is to inspire and teach man that he must improve, refine, and perfect himself. He must become a fit and worthy recipient of the Royal Secret, with the requisite knowledge that such a responsibility demands.

The Scottish Rite is composed of four constituted Bodies. The Lodge of Perfection governs a group known as the Ineffable Degrees. They begin with the Fourth Degree and culminate with the discovery of the The Lost Word of Freemasonry.

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