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The past year KOSA held two breakfast fundraisers with the proceeds being put back into making upgrades to our Temple.  Thanks to the generous donations of our brethren, KOSA has provided the funds to construct/extend & paint the walls in the dining area that was previously open exposing our kitchen storage area.  Also, this summer KOSA  funded having our dining room windows cleaned both inside and out, frames painted, and a special reflective tinting installed to reduce the ambient heat caused by the afternoon sun.  Along with the window tinting, we purchased new drapes for all the dining room windows significantly improving the room appearance as well as helping maintain room temperature thus reducing heating and cooling costs for the Valley.  Another fundraiser is planned for this fall (date to be announced) with the proceeds again being put back into our building. 

I think I’ve covered the big ticket items as well as many KOSA members also contributed labor installing new ceiling tiles and insulation in the dining room and reception area.    

Please contact Mike Davis at (816) 830-1744 or email us at for more information. We look forward to having you join us.

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