Join the Scottish Rite

In order to join the Scottish Rite you must be a Master Mason. If you are not a Master Mason and would like to become one simply ask to join at any Lodge. This link will take you to the Grand Lodge of Missouri’s list of local Lodges.If you are a Master Master download and submit your petition (or contact the office or see a Scottish Rite member in your lodge). After approval you will be scheduled to begin your journey through the degrees.

The degrees of the Scottish Rite are the 4th through the 32nd and will differ from your Blue Lodge degrees. They are based on lessons learned when presented with moral challenges demonstrated through allegory. They do not involve memorization.

Eventually, a 32nd Degree Mason may be honored with the 33rd degree.

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Scottish Rite:

  • It is the University of Freemasonry.
  • Scottish Rite Masons are especially honored by family members and others outside the fraternity.
  • It is Americas leading sponsor of clinics and centers addressing language disorders in children.
  • It is Freemasonry’s leading teacher of Masonic philosophy, ethics, and toleration.
  • It expands opportunities to make connections and forge friendships beyond our community and state.
  • It broadens your fraternal participation and involvement.
  • It offers direct access to some of the best Masonic publications anywhere.
  • It provides unique opportunities for leadership and recognition.
  • It presents a time-proven self study and development program for men.
  • It offers a comfortable and objective format for exploring the great questions of religion and philosophy.

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